Kapok pillow


Kapok purifies the soul and brings nice dreams. Kapok pillows are breathable and thermoregulating, creating perfect sleeping environment for the whole family.

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Kapok pillows are very light and soft – like having silk against your skin. They create comfortable sleeping conditions. Kapok filling together with cotton cover are very breathable, therefore comfortable and safe sleeping environment is created. Kapok pillows are thermoregulating, therefor prevent from overheating, keeping the ultimate warmth sametime.

Kapok pillows are free of dust mites, so it is suitable for allergic people. Kapok bedding system creates overall anti-dustmite environment.

Due to high quality cotton cover, kapok pillows feel pleasant to the skin. Kapok filling adjusts easily to the body and shapes accordingly.

It is said that kapok purifies the soul and brings nice dreams.

Kapok pillows come combined with a stylish bag.

Available sizes:

Baby 40x50cm

Junior 40x50cm (thicker layer kapok filling)

Grown-up 50x60cm

Laundering instructions

Laundering instructions - Kapok upper mattress
Spin dry
Dry in tumbler with a couple of tennis balls

Composition of the product

Cambric – 100 % organic fiberproof cotton.
Kapok wadding.

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Baby 40×50 cm, Junior 40x50cm, Grown-up 50x60cm