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LANACare Natural Sleep pillows are filled with organic untreated merino wool. They are extremely soft and comfortable. Untreated wool filling nurtures your healthy and natural sleep throughout the night. They are perfectly breathable, the ensure healthy and fresh breath. Organic highest quality cotton fabric touches gently to the skin.
LANACare pillows are available in several sizes, for you to choose according your needs and your biggest convinience. Baby size pillow 40×50 cm is very thin, just enough for a tiny newborn to feel naturaly comfortable under the head. Junior size pillow 40×50 cm is medium thickness, not too big. Adult size pillow 50×60 cm is standard adult size and thickness.


Available sizes:

Baby – 40x50cm

Junior – 40×50 cm(thicker layer wool)

Grown-up – 50x60cm


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Baby 40x50cm, Junior 40×50 cm, Grown-up 50x60cm