Woolen blanket


Wrap yourself and your entire family in this blanket of organic merino wool!

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Wrap yourself and your entire family in this blanket of organic merino wool! This soothingly soft wool is a treat on a cool summer night or for relaxing during autumn and winter months. The blanket provides the relaxing warmth that only pure, untreated wool can give. Pure, untreated wool breathes, maintaining a moderate temperature in either warmth or cold.  This wool is so soft, it can be comfortably placed directly against your skin.


Natural White, Soft Grey, Soft Sand


120 x 220 cm  (4 ft x 7 ft 4 in.)

About the wool we use:

100% incredibly soft organic merino wool


KBT – Stands for controlled ethical treatment of the animals, sheep.

No mulesing, pesticides nor artificial fertilizers used.

INV BEST and GOTS – International cerificates for organic wool.  The wool is washed with specific soaps approved for KBT certified wool. 

Washing instructions:

Organic wool, which still contains its natural lanolin, seldom needs washing, as the lanoling provides self-cleansing properties.  As wool absorbs moisture, lanolin is activated to cleanse away bacteria and odors.

Spot-washing may be done under a gently-running faucet of lukewarm water to cleanse a small stained area. Or to wash entire blanket, hand wash in lukewarm water (30 degrees Celcius) – We recommend, for ease of spinning out excess water, “handwashing” in a top load washer by filling washer with lukewarm water and woolwash, then stopping cycle.

Place blanket in water and gently wash by hand. (do not turn on washer to activate center agitator).  Place on spin cycle to centrifuge water from blanket.Rinse in lukewarm water (cold water can cause wool to shrink). Give a quick, brisk shake for wool fibers to fluff. Dry on radiator or near gentle, dry heat.

Remember that it is important to use DRY heat for the wool to dry thoroughly. (Wool can absorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet).

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White, Pastell grey, Pastell brown